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Why Used Tires?

Used tires, professionally inspected are a safe source and option to the one’s not able to buy other tires. Our tires are selected and graded by inches, 2/32, 3/32 and higher , allways above TWI (Tread wear indicator) for passenger tires and different grades for used tires 4×4, used light truck tires, used truck tires, used OTR tires and tire casings for all applications.

Used tires are the same product like when you buy an used car, usually they will come with used tires.

The sources for used tires are countries where the economy faces better conditions allowing drivers to switch their tires for a different season (summer tires x winter tires), when they buy new wheels, when they  need to change one wear out tire and decide to change two instead of one or when a car have a mechanical problem or accident that does not pay for to recover the entire auto. All these situations are a GOOD USED TIRE GENERATOR.

The environment point of view clearly demonstrate that a tire must be used up to the end of its life, avoiding that a new one be produced consuming oil and other natural resources that are not renewable. Technically a tire is built to run until the TWI is flat with the treadwear, or the tire fail in inspection, suffer accidents, holes not reparable and other situations that are inspected by the tire dealers. Most of the new tire dealers also sells good used tires in their tire chains.

Recent researches made by the tire magazines demonstrated that the incomes generated by the used tire market support a lot the profitability of the tire shops, becoming a good option for them.

All used tires, or second hand tires are sold based on the condition “AS IS”, “final sales” and should be inspected by the buyer at the delivery time.

We ship tires out of Europe, Japan, USA, UK, Korea and Canada. All possiblities based on what our customers needs.

When considering to sell used tires in your tire shops, contact us to get a price quotation based on your used tire buying list.

Always ask a tire technician to inspect your tire and assembly them with professional tire shop and trained people.

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JFB used tires, is a company in the market since 1992, while we started as JFB Trading Co in Miami/USA. Later we created JFB Reifen Shipping & Trading in Germany to control our worldwide used tires sales. Used tires is in our portfolio since our first day of company. Our team has covered over 40 countries travelling to develop this business with a strong dedication in getting education for our business. Mr. Rezende is a tire technician prepared by Ohio University, ITRA, VIPAL and his over 20 years as a partner for a retreading company in Brazil. When talking about used tires, professional selection, tire identification, tire technical specifications, we know the field of tires very well.

We paid many visits to retreading factories all over the world, new tire factories in several countries, deeply studied this business and add to it a large experience in the international business.

Used tires is a main issue for JFB, used tires is an environmental issue and should be considered as an option when you are not able to fit your car with new tires or retreaded tires. The selection, the inspection and the assembling of all kinds of tires should be done properly to avoid damage to the bead and to the sidewalls. For your safety never use a tire that is not inspected by a tire technician.

We provide full loads of used tires, full loads of used tire casings and will be more than happy to support your company, contact us by e-mail or by phone +1 407 881 6064. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and good understanding of German language.

 USED TIRES is a JFB Business.

Casings Tires

Used tire casings for passenger tires, used tire casings for High Performance tires, used tire casings for 4×4, used tire casings for light truck tires, used tire casings for truck tires, used tire casings for OTR, used tire casings for Agricultural tires and used tire casings for all kind of tires. Looking for tire casings? Contact us!

Selecting quality tires is a key to produce a good retreaded tire. The soul of the final product is the base of the retreading – THE CASING – choosing a professional team to coordinate your casing sources is economically and a time saving operation. JFB is prepared to attend all your demands. Contact us to talk about your needs.

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