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Used Truck Tire Casings is a very import raw material for a retreading company, it is almost the heart of it.

Searching for good supplyers is a costly and very hard job. Through the internet is very easy to find many offers, several nice pictures and long lists of sizes available, but how to be sure that the correct requirements will be followed? How to secure your payments? Most of the supplyers only accept to ship overseas after 100% is paid for. From the other side of the table is the buyer, with a big doubt about sending money overseas and taking the risk of receiving a bad load. It was always like this, for many years and will remains in the same path.

Building a relationship with the casing supply chain is a job that take many years to consolidate and it is exactly what we made in USEDTIRESJFB since the late 90’s. Travelling so many different countries and visiting one by one to understand their procedures and controls, was a hard job, but paid for. Nowadays we have casings going from different countries based on their supplying possibilities.

We created our own casing standard and adjust it in accordance with each of our customers worldwide demand.

Truck Tyre casings need to be selected by professional and well trained inspectors. Most of the retreading material supplyers offers technical capacitation and also some of the National and International retreading associations does the same, which we highly recommend to attend.

Since several countries are using the anti dumping regulation to protect their markets from Chinese and some other Asian manufacturers, casings became more and more required, consequently increasing the costs. USEDTIRESJFB works together with professional casing collectors in many countries to secure our constant casing demands.

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