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When we talk about “Used Tire Business season” it almost seems as a strange comment, but we really have seasons in our business. Used tires are changed in certain circumstances, winter season – which demands deep tread depth and specific tire patterns to secure a safe drive.  Summer season, when we need to change from winter to summer patterns, another high income of tires for used tire collecting yards. When we buy an used car, with used tires, some people that can afford the investment in a new tire set, could change them. Some others; just do not like the patterns of certain tires and also, change the used tires into a new set of used tires or a set of new tires. New cars that get involved in a crash, some times, it doesn’t affect the tires, but they end in the recovery yards. Professional used tire collectors are based on “collecting used tire contracts” with several tire exchange stations which can generate a yearly constant source of quality used tires. JFB Tires is aware of these “used tire season” and also is connected with many used tire yards worldwide assuring quality and mix as per each customer needs.

We already shipped several containers of used tires from Europe to USA, used tires from Japan to USA, used tires from Japan into Venezuela, used tires from USA to Argentina, used tires from Europe to Argentina, from many countries into Brazil. These period gave us a high level confidence of our business and gave us a chance to open thousands of connections to the used tire worldwide market. If you need  Used tires, contact JFB – or call/whatsApp +1 407 881 6064 – Mr. John Rezende