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JFB used tires, is a company in the market since 1992, while we started as JFB Trading Co in Miami/USA. Later we created JFB Reifen Shipping & Trading in Germany to control our worldwide used tires sales. Used tires is in our portfolio since our first day of company. Our team has covered over 40 countries travelling to develop this business with a strong dedication in getting education for our business. Mr. Rezende is a tire technician prepared by Ohio University, ITRA, VIPAL and his over 20 years as a partner for a retreading company in Brazil. When talking about used tires, professional selection, tire identification, tire technical specifications, we know the field of tires very well.

We provide quality PCR/TT/TB/OTR casings for several retreading factories with regular shipments.

We paid many visits to retreading factories all over the world, new tire factories in several countries, deeply studied this business and add to it a large experience in the international business.

Used tires is a main issue for JFB, used tires is a environmental issue and should be considered as an option when you are not able to fit your car with new tires or retreaded tires. The selection, the inspection and the assembling of all kinds of tires should be done properly to avoid damage to the bead and to the sidewalls. For your safety never use a tire that is not inspected by a tire technician.

 We provide full loads of used tires, full loads of used tire casings and will be more than happy to support your company, contact us by e-mail or by phone +1 407 881 6064. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and good understanding of German language.

 USED TIRES is a JFB Business.