Used Tires – Worldwide Supplier

Used Tires, Jacksonville-FL , is our specialty since 1991. Our partners in the used tire collection are environmentally approved and are used tire collectors and selectors in a professional manner. Second hand tires is a product that should not be discarded until the safe end of his used tire life. Selecting and assembling used tire with correct tools doesn’t damage the product and help the environment and the one’s that can’t afford to buy new tires. Used European tires, used japanese tires and used american tires are being sold since the first tire was made. Some countries call them part worn tires or also announce them with their own brand names, Continental used tires, Michelin used tires and others. Used tires are also the basement for the retreading industry. Used truck tires, used OTR tires are also very popular in many countries. Airplanes runs on used tires due to safety reasons of having a quality casing tested while using it. Casings for retreading, casings for truck tires, casings for 4×4 tires are under our portfolio too.

If you are looking for used tires or casings for retreading and wish to contact a professional supplier, JFB will be a correct decision for your business. Take advantage of the quality selection of used tires from our experience in this field.

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